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Beside you every step of the way...
"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees."
Henry David Thoreau        


I understand that you may be suffering in some way, feeling lost, confused or scared and I would like to help.  I am glad you have taken that difficult first step toward inner healing by looking for a therapist. 


Finding a good fit with a therapist is important, so here is what I can offer.  I can provide a safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental space where you may fully express yourself.  I have a holistic interest in your health which includes how the mind, body, and soul affect each other.  I believe in a compassionate, client centered approach to therapy.  

I prefer to work with adults and enjoy helping clients who are interested in deeply exploring their minds and issues.  I especially like helping clients with anxiety, depression, and transitional aspects of life.   Transitions could include starting college, a change of address, marriage, parenthood, career change, divorce, physical illness, and death of loved ones.  

Whatever you struggle with, I would be honored to walk beside you, to help you find your way.  It could be a challenging journey, but well worth it to grow, heal and regain your health and wholeness.  I hope to walk with you soon.   


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Sliding Scale

$75-$99 per hour


Christian Theological Seminary

Counseling Center

1050 West 42nd St.

Indianapolis, IN 46208

**TeleMentalHealth ONLY**

due to COVID -19

LMHCA License Number:  88001282A

Supervisor:  Dr. Jacqueline Ludes Braeger, PhD, LMFT

License number:  35001317A

Sarah Mishler, MA, LMHCA



Tuesday - Thursday 9AM - 7PM

**TeleMentalHealth ONLY** 

due to COVID -19


317-931-2379 Ext 5060 



If you are experiencing an EMERGENCY call 911 or

800-273-8255 (TALK) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or

Text 741741 Crisis Text Line


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